Day Care: What to Evaluate When Choosing the Right One for Your Child

Day Care

How to choose childcare after childbirth

When the end of the maternity leave arrives, one of the alternatives for the mother who will return to work is to look for a daycare center. But what do we need to have in these places to keep the mother calm and quiet? Knowing that the child has reliable people and places is a benefit that transforms into quality of life. That is, the advantage is for the baby, but the mother wins the most. “This confidence makes a difference for the mother. At this stage, the baby needs routine and predictability, to be cared for by the same person and to have a routine of diapering, bathing, feeding, sleeping time and other activities,” explains the psychologist Cynthia Boscovich , who has worked with children for 19 years.

  • Facilities and physical space

    It should be well ventilated, clean and with air circulation. Before 2 years, the child does not have the immune system fully formed, so it is important to observe the local care with the ventilation. Do not forget to check if there is adequate sunbathing room for 15 minutes daily and preferably choose a day care center close to home. In addition to establishing an affective bond with the neighbors, avoiding daily delays with the child is avoided.

    For child protection, pay attention to protective equipment such as nets, grills and gates. Having a dedicated and quiet place for meals is the most advisable within a day care as well as children’s restrooms being separated from the adult restrooms. The institution must have pre-established procedures in case of accidents.

  • Caregiver Team

    According to the recommendations of the Basic Education Secretariat of the Ministry of Education, there should be one educator for every eight children up to 2 years of age. Classes with 3-year-olds must have one educator for every 15 children, while one person can only be responsible for 20 children between 4 and 6 years old. “Imagine a mother caring for eight children? I find that number high, maybe it is better to observe a daycare center with a smaller number of children for each caregiver.” The ideal would be a child for each caregiver, or as little as possible, otherwise it would become a standardized care and every child has their specific needs, “explains Cynthia Boscovich.

    Look for and understand the pedagogical proposal of the day care center, which should be in the form of a document and in accordance with the ideas and principles of the family. According to the Ministry of Education, day-care professionals should have, at least, a high school education with a teacher’s degree. “In addition to providing physical care, it creates conditions for its cognitive, symbolic, social and emotional development, which requires the presence of a nutritionist and a nurse,” he adds. the pedagogical director of the AB Sabin Monica Mazzo College.

  • Food and hygiene control

    The food supply at this stage needs to be done in quiet environments, with professionals providing affective security and help. “It is very important that a diet suitable for the age group, which meets nutritional requirements, stimulates the pleasure of the taste buds and is a source of learning opportunities. The tranquility and calmness of the environment during meals are essential for the child to make discoveries and develop their sociability with naturalness, “explains Monica Mazzo.

    In a nursery, hygiene plays a key role. Cleaning should be performed by trained personnel, with appropriate products that follow the safety recommendations established by the site. “Children need to move freely to explore the environment.” Attitudes and procedures should be adopted to ensure the safety, comfort, and protection of the child in the institution. Garbage should be removed daily from indoor and outdoor settings and the day care center should have a food plan “says the AB Sabin College teaching director. Give preference to places where a nutritionist creates and evaluates a child’s weekly eating plan.


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