Holidays in Patagonia with children

Holidays in Patagonia with children

Destiny does not need to be scratched from the list of adventurous parents who have small children and dream of getting to know the place. The park Torres del Paine has natural beauties of breathtaking and tours that please the whole family

Adventure , exotic animals and paradisiacal landscapes await your family in Torres del Paine, a national park located in the Chilean Patagonia . The destination is not obvious to those who travel with children , but some hotels in the area offer structure and activities suitable for small children. To make the most of it, the ideal is for them to be 6 years old, but the most active and adventurous are ready to face this wild destiny before that.

Get ready to ride through leafy woods, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, take short trails and come across emerald waterfalls and mighty rivers. Or simply take a day to get to know the van park and admire the imposing Paine Massif, whose highest tower is 3,400 meters high. And the best of all? Children can do all these walks with you and experience a unique experience immersing in the wild nature .

When to go

Spring from September to December and summer from December to March are the best seasons to visit the park because, despite strong winds, temperatures are mild. In the fall and winter months (March to September), some trails close due to adverse weather conditions (snow and wind) and there are hotels that do not open.

Face to face with condor and even puma

Children will surely be impressed by the native nature of Torres del Paine Park. There, it is very easy to spot several exotic animals . They are called the Big Five of Patagonia: the guanaco, a species similar to the alpaca and the llama; the huemul, a deer in danger of extinction; the condor-dos-andes, which has wings with a wingspan that can reach up to 3,5 m; the nandu, similar to a small ostrich; and if you’re lucky you can see the puma, one of the largest cats in South America, second only to the jaguar.

In several outings, your child will enjoy watching the animals’ natural behavior and you will find it impossible to resist a guanaco fluffy cub. It will be a great opportunity to teach about the importance of conserving the habitat of this and other species. Not to mention that, on a trip like this, children will also feel explorers and adventurers on the trails in the middle of woods and steppes – greenery on plain with few trees. There are places where you can fill the bottles straight into the lakes and rivers so pure that is the water. From January to March, you can also pick and eat at the time a fruity called calafate, tasty and typical of the region.

no surprise

“If you’re worried about the presence of pumas in the area, you need not be afraid.” The guides are prepared to mislead them and ensure that they prefer to avoid contact with humans. That’s what happened while I was there.

– Winds of up to 120 km / h can knock down even adults. Therefore, do not let the children approach the slopes, as it is not difficult to unbalance.

– If children get hurt while on the trails, guides carry first aid kits and are trained to provide emergency care. In more serious cases, a van can take the family to the hospital. The journey takes one hour.

Tours not to be missed

The Chilean Patagonia is a very sought after destination for those who want to camp. However, for those who go with children, staying under a tent is not indicated because of the low temperature and lack of support. The ideal is to book a hotel and schedule the tours, always with a guide that will help your family all the time. Here’s what you can do:

1. Cavalcade Estancia Lazo

It lasts about two hours and passes through an old lengas grove, typical tree of the region, until arriving at a belvedere overlooking the Massif Paine. The horses are tame and, in addition to the hotel guide, a local resident responsible for the animals accompanies the tour.

2. Mirador Horns

The 4 km walk takes two to three hours with beautiful views of the park at Mirante Sarmiento and Mirante Nordenskjöld. The guides make stops so the kids do not get so tired and eat a snack. Special attention to the wind in this tour, because it is usually very strong in this region. A cap is essential.

3. Big Jump

Most of the tour, which lasts about four hours, is made up of van and there is a walk of only 20 minutes. It is possible to see some of the most famous points of the park as the Laguna Amarga and the waterfall Salto Grande, with emerald water.

4. Origins of Life

Two-hour walk and about 3 km, perfect for those who love geology. In the walk along the shores of Lake Sarmiento, there are thrombolites, a limestone structure of millions of years. You can give a nice class on the subject for the children.

5. Massif Paine

The tour lasts all day, combining long van routes, a 30-minute walk and three-hour boating on Lake Gray, where you can see the glacier very close.

Worth every mile


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