What All Do You Know About the International Baccalaureate Programme?


The education system sees no boundaries. Often you would notice that students from across the seas come to our country to gain education or vice-versa. So, when it comes to making decision regarding their career, and especially when we are talking about going overseas; people are much more cautious. They do not want to end up choosing something that might not benefit them.

Today, we are talking about the IB programme also known as the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme and by the end of this article, if all makes sense to your then you should probably look for some of the top class ib tutors.

This programme was formerly known by the name of International Baccalaureate organisation (IBO). The IB is an educational foundation with an international establishment. It was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in the year 1968. The IB programme provides its students with the option of four educational programmes.

International Baccalaureate Programme

  • IB diploma programme- the IB diploma programme also known as IBDP is a two year course. The programme is mainly for kids of 16-18 years old. The programme is accepted and recognised by a number of universities throughout the world. It also has a bilingual diploma programme. The IBD programme is taught in above 140 countries. The three main languages used are English, French and Spanish.
  • IB career related programme- also very commonly known as CP is an educational programme that is tailored in accordance with students that want to focus on career related learning. Students get an opportunity to create a path that guides them to further study, employment opportunities or apprenticeship or chances of employment after graduation. In this programme the main focus is on developing professional and personal skills, language and reflective project.
  • IB middle year’s programme- also commonly known as MYP is an educational programme that is suitable for all kids between the ages of 11 to 16. It is a part of the IB continuum. One could see this programme as a preparatory step for the IBDP. In this level there are 8 subjects that students need to concentrate on. These 8 subjects are language acquisition, sciences, individuals and societies, language and literature, education and design, arts, mathematics, physical and health education and design.
  • IB primary years programme- also known as PYP is again a type of educational programme that is managed by the IB. The age group for this programme is aged between 3-12 years. So basically it covers the years from kindergarten to middle school. The subjects the students need to deal with are social studies, mathematics, language, science and technology, physical education, personal and social.

So, this was pretty much the summary of what the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme offers to the kids. And the best part is there are a number of coaching centres that are spread evenly all across our country. Gurgaon kids can take a look at the ib coaching centres in Gurgaon. Now all you kids could start planning for your better future.


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