Things To Consider In A Boarding School

Things To Consider In A Boarding School

Sending your child to a boarding school is a very important decision. One needs to be very careful on where they are sending their children because their entire future depends on that school.

One should first make a list of girl’s boarding schools in Dehradun where they can send their girl child. But before that one needs to check on a few things. The most important things that one has to look for while selecting a boarding school for their child are as follows.

  • The first and foremost thing that one needs to look for is the teaching staff. Also the non teaching staffs are equally important because it is a boarding school. Your child will be staying with them for 24 hours. In a boarding school, even after the school hours the students keep in the vigilance of the teachers and the non teaching staffs. Whatever problem they face, they need to consult it with them. So, if they are not attentive enough then it can be difficult for the students. Also when in boarding school, there is no option for tuitions and so all the subjects are to be taught in class only. So the teachers have to be extra careful and attentive towards each and every student so that they can understand and clear their doubts when needed. So, one can get an idea of the teacher’s forum, from the website of the school. Also one can check from the Alma matter that how the teaching staffs is and how good they are with the children.
  • Then comes the infrastructure of the school and the hostel. You are sending away your child there and so you must know how their second house will be. Check out the school building and the classrooms there. Also check the hostels where you child is going to stay for the entire day apart from the school hours. So one needs to check the dormitories, the sleeping arrangements, toilets and the kitchens and see whether they are clean enough and hygienic or not. Also one needs to check with the matrons and see how they are friendly with the children.
  • Check whether the school has some extracurricular activities. This is very important. Most of the boarding schools have proper play grounds where the students can indulge into various sports like basketball, football and cricket. Also there should be proper classes of art, painting, dance and music so that a child can grow up a proper hobby while growing up there.
  • One needs to check the security structure of the schools very well. This is very very crucial. Your children should be in safe hands. If that does not happen then there is no point in sending your child to those schools.

There are many cbse girls boarding school in Dehradun. But one needs to check all the above mentioned things thoroughly before sending your child there. Boarding schools will make your child independent if they are correct for them.


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